Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 Rome Wednesday 30th June
Today was Colosseum, Forum and Palatine day. We walked and walked! The Colosseum is truly breathtaking and it was great to finally see it after teaching kids all about it for years. I thought Etihad Stadium was impressive but the Romans built one 2000 years ago!! -They have a lot in common but the Colosseum is even more elaborate. The Palatine's origins go back to the Romulus and Remus story. The ruins of the Forum take ages to walk through and you are left in awe of the Romans - how did they manage to build so many massive structures that were crowded into this large public area?
Today's highlights:
The Colosseum!!!
The Forum!!

Circus Maximus!
Putting our feet uf after hours of trekking through the ruins.
Hotel Piemonte - my hours of hotel internet reaserch have paid off. Very comfortable and friendly, free breaky, free internet all for $100 a night.

Being attacked by a couple of gladiators

The cold cappuccino.

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  1. Great photos- I can't believe gelatis could be better than Maryborough though!