Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 35

Day 35 Berlin - Monday 2nd August

Don't give me any more croissants when we get back - I've had one for almost every breakfast so far!

True Story..........

After boarding the train for Berlin, I assisted an elderly lady who was struggling to lift her case up the steps. To my astonishment, she screamed desperately and in her sharpest Jewish-American accent, "How could you do this to me?"

From behind me, an old grey haired man sheepishly appeared. He had obviously left her on the crowded platform (who could blame him!) to grab a good seat.

You would have enjoyed the Jewish/NY accents Jamo as they yelled at each other, filling the carriage with their shrill voices.

"I thought you were back of me, Elaine!" he bellowed repeatedly. We knew this wasn't exactly true as he had barged in front of us to get on - looking back down the platform!!

They seemed totally oblivious to the rest of us. Her pretence at nearly fainting and sobbing loudly was worthy of an Academy Award. He really wasn't helping things at all.

"Don't you EVER (sob) leave me on the (pant) platform again!!!"

He proceeded to place their bags on expensive 1st class reserved seats and the saga continued at Berlin ..but that's another story. Made my day really!! Thought I might try this on Debbie when we leave Berlin - I need to practise my Jimmy Durante accent!!

Movies from yesterday.....
I accidentally downloaded a tram trip..thought I might as well leave it!

I just caught the guards marching off!

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  1. Hey Tony,
    I've just caught up with your blog. I walked into 9E and Sutts was relating the story of the iceman - and Deb, he had the kids quiet and focused. I think this should be a permanent gig for him.

    I wasn't able to restrain Pat at Murano - a set of crystal wine glasses.

    Your vignette about the Jewish/American accent reminded me of New York.