Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 47

Day 47 Rovaniemi Finland - Saturday 14th August

Kajaani farewelled us with the dulcet tones of an 11 piece button-accordian band. I'm always drawn to any live music. Debbie dragged herself (very willingly) away from the concert and we caught the train to Rovaniemi which is a larger town almost on the Arctic Circle.
I found it quite amusing when a flask sipping drunk flopped into a seat right behind Debbie!
"Cough...splutter..cough...splutter." Debbie was turning green! An alcohol and smoke cloud went with him whenever he went for a smoke in the smokers' booth.

Above: Kajaani Accordion band. Can you play any Metallica?

Right: The Lumberjack Candle Bridge. It's cables reach to the sky and it looks impressive against the swirling waters and silver birch forests.

Came across the judging for the Rainbow Trout fishing competition.

Above: The Rovaniemi mall.
Right: View from the train.

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