Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 57

Day 57 Interlarken
- Tuesday 24th August

I really needed my fingers stuck in my ears today -might use this technique more often on this trip.
The thudding roar of the Trummelback falls was deafening! These falls are actually deep inside the mountain. You can access the falls through a series of tunnels. The flow is the result of melting glaciers above and the high pressure blast of water thrashes through the small falls and corkscrew passages.
It's advisable to wear a water proof jacket as the violence of the water causes a great deal of spray and mist.

The Trummelback Falls are just outside the beautiful town of Lauterbrunnen - a 20min train ride to the foothills of the alps. To be continued......


  1. Hey Tony,

    Is this anywhere near the Rickenbacker Falls where Count Moriarity caused Sherlock Holmes to plunge to his death?

    Sutts gave, "the best lesson ever" yesterday. Expectations were high.

    Your trip and musings continue to keep me amused.


  2. Hey Tony,

    Just thought I'd take a break from some writing I'm struggling with by checking out your blog. No new post. Wassamatta!

    It's the most entertaining read I have each day.

    Essendon sacked Knights - poor bugger.

    Debbie seems to be copying with your tour guiding fairly well!


  3. Coping not copying - no check on the previous spelling. I hope Sutts of the "best lesson ever" doesn't read the comments section.