Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 38

Day 38 Copenhagen - Thursday 5th August
After 5 hours of train travel from Berlin to Copenhagen, we came to a halt on the northern tip of Germany. We took off again slowly and, believe it or not, the whole train rattled into the bowels of a huge ferry!! It felt all wrong 'choofing' along inside a train which was inside a boat!! I half expected to see a No. 16 double decker bus to take us up to the poop deck! I have added a short movie clip showing us rolling off the ferry.

Arrived in Copenhaven two and a half hours late. As usual, we got our hotel directions mixed up and walked off happily in exactly the opposite direction. We knew our budget accommodation was going to be small... but... I couldn't even stand back far enough to take a photo!! Couldn't get past Debbie without doing the chicken dance!

Almost got emotional walking down Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard at night. The Ugly Duckling was the first story to move me to tears when I was a kid.... don't know why that would be......

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