Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 34

Day 34 Prague - Sunday 2nd August

Which one looks the more fearsome???
I'm expecting Debbie to get some offers from Prague to guard their castle. Yes, today was Prague Castle day!
It took us over 4 hours to make our way through the castle that sits high on the hill overlooking Prague. It certainly has a lively history with its wars, fires, amazing stories of power struggles including the throwing of a couple of dissenting statesmen out the windows from a great height.

The gothic St Vitas Cathedral is incredible and is the religious and cultural heart of Czechoslovakia.
Inside, the church is beautiful and its sheer size, sculptures, massive stained galass and crypts leave you in awe. St Wenceslaus' crypt takes pride of place here and he is revered as the only true king ever - the others are considered as having the crown 'on loan'. The original crown is locked away and it takes seven keys to get to it. It is only used on rare occasions of significance.
Tonight we went to the theatre to see Carmen - an opera and ballet in one! Very enjoyable -we were glad they projected subtitles above the stage!

The police use modern day chariots in Prague.

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