Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 33

Day 33 Prague - Saturday 31st July
How romantic is this bridge? The Charles IV Bridge constructed in 1327 has a post card quality.
Ever heard of the Astromical Clock? Neither have I but I am told it is famous. The silly thing is, I can't work out how you tell the time with it! The clock is part of an old Prague cathedral and we climbed to the top of its tower. It was a case of 'wall to wall' people and you had to literally squeeze past everyone at the top. The views over the city were great - lots of gothic architecture again.
They certainly love their live entertainment over here and we enjoyed the traditional singing and clog dancing (click on the video). We also caught some cool trad jazz with a terrific washboard player (click on the video).
Had a cruise up the Volta River to get a different perspective on Prague.
At night we walked the modern section of Prague - lots of night life and really wide streets. Got ripped off with a chicken and a tuna salad for tea.

Booked tickets for Carmen at this theatre.

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