Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 20

Day 20 Bari to Florence Sunday 18th July

Well... Debbie squished down on ther floor in front of our seats and got a relatively goodnight's sleep - apart from the occessional waft of smelly feet!!

HICCUP NO 2: the train system here can be somewhat haphazard. We thought we had booked tickets to Florence but our tickets ran out at Rimini. We were put off at Chesa after a lovely day's ride up the east coast of Italy - hours of white sandy beaches, trillions of colourful umbrellas all in rows, camping grounds etc. Caught a 'packed' local train to Bologna. We were literally crushed in, standing up pushed up against sweaty bodies and no air!! Had tea at Bologna and were treated to a comfortable, 1st class air-conditioned trip to Florence. Finally arrived at 10.30pm.


*From the train - wheat fields, grape vines, beaches.
*Debbie asleep again. She has managed to be awake for some bits.

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  1. Dear Tony and Deb, fascinating to follow your 'blog'. Interesting but where are the Milkbars?????
    Deb. has been a little tired in some of the photos, I think a rissole diet will work wonders and make you both pine for Oz.
    Off on Snow trip tonight for 3 days at Mt. Buller-I expect you can't wait untill Scotland where Tony's linguistic expertise will shine, ....'like a btit monlit nit'.
    Take care, Grant.