Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 14

**You might want to look back as far as Day 11 as I have good internet connection here at the hotel in Santorini. I just added a whole new set of photos.

Day 14 - Monday 12th July
It's time to escape the chaotic traffic of Athens and relax to the Greek islands. I have heard so much about them. Caught the local train to the port of Pireaus where we decided to walk to the ferry terminal. Luckily a taxi pulled up and the driver insisted we go with him as we were cutting it fine - strangely enough!

The ferry cut its way through the deep water and made its way around the many islands that popped up here and there.
Decided to stay the night at Paros and then head to Santorini the next day. Away from the port, Paros was a pleasant surprise - laid back atmophere, warm, tranquil. Our 40 Euro a night hotel was a beauty - a charming family run hotel, immaculately clean, complete with good air-conditioning, free breaky..AND only a one min ute walk to the beach!! (loving this internet hotel booking).

Had a romantic dinner only a few metres from the water. All this makes me realize that Australia has become a v ery expensive place by comparison.

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