Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 25

Day 25 Venice Friday 23rd July

A restful, travelling day today. These 1st class Eurail tickets are the way to go!! Debbie seems to be finding the travelling a bit tiring - again! (see picture)

Caught the train from Genova to Milan for a two hour lunch break and then headed off to romantic Venice via Verona.

A slight language problem had me slurping on a lunchtime coffee liqueur instead of a cafe freddo (iced coffee).

As we approached venice, it bucketed down - our first rain! Fortunately, once we worked out the 'floating bus system', the skies cleared.

Venice is everything you would expect and the canals are amazingly clearn. There are boats darting all over the place, including the wildly romantic ..and wildly expensive... gondolas.

We made the most of our ferry tickets and toured the watery streets at night. As you can see, we were treated to a spectacular display of lightning in the distance which made a dramatic backdrop to the silhouetted city with its lights reflecting across the water.
Sat down for tea at a restaurant just down the road in Lido - lasagne and Greek salad!


  1. Those lighting pictures look unreal. I bet it took you a few go's to get the timing perfect

  2. That camera must be good- pics are awesome! Found any good digs in Venice? I've been looking on the net and am very confused!

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