Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 18

Santorini to Pireaus - Friday 16th July
It was a bit sad to be leaving Santorini. We have had such a fabulous time here...could have stayed forever!! I'm not sure it will be here forever though. The Lonely Planet Europe guide says it's hard to imagine a more 'impermanent and precarious' place on Earth, given it's frequent history of earthquakes and volcanoes.

As you can see, Debbie is beside herself in anticipation of the next leg of our epic journey!! Honestly, you can't take her anywhere!

This photo was taken as we sailed off from Santorini - you just have to pretend to see the cliffs through the portholes.

It's a full day's trip back to Pireaus (Athens port). The Aegean Sea is throwing us around a bit!!

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  1. Why is it that everytime i check your blog I feel like gelati, ice coffee and fine dining?