Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 16

Beautiful Santorini -Wednesday 14th July
Put Santorini on your MUST see list. It is truly stunning! The massive volcanic caldera topped with the villgages makes for breath taking scenery.
As you can see, we hired a quad motorbike to zip around the countryside on. Debbie sat on the back and kept sreaming, 'Stay on the right side of the road!" On the main roads it felt a little precarious - but we survived. Making left hand turns at intersections is fun!

More mazes of narrow 'uppety downity' lanes with great shops throughout Fira (capital). The laneways continue forever around the edge of the cliffs.

We have bown out our budget with fine dining in amazing cliff-edge restaurants. How good does my giant bean and spinach lunch look? And the view!!!!
And yes, some donkeys walked past as we were eating!!

And for tea it was grilled sardines and stuffed calamari at the restaurant across the road from the beach. Yum!

Perissa beach has black sand.

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