Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 6

Day 6 ROME - Sunday 4th July

An hour's walk took us to the opulent Borghese Museum and Gallery. No nothing!! But this gave you the rare opportunity to stand 'up close' to famous sculptures and paintings. For example, Titian's painting 'Sacred and Profane Love' (worth more then $14 million dollars) was less than an arm's length away! Paintings by Rubens, Raphael and Caravaggio decorated the elaborate halls and small rooms. Large sculptures by Bernini, Cavone and others add to the grandeur.

Other highlights:
*A pleasant stroll through the adjoining park

*The FIFA outdoor staduim for Romans to
watch th soccer on the big screen.

Lake in Borghese park.

Photos on this page:
*"Pauline Bonaparte" - Antonio Canova *"Sacred and Profane Love" - Titian
*Borghese Museum
*Debbie queing up
*Lake in the park
*"Apollo and Daphne" -Bernini
*"David with the Head of Goliath" -

*The FIFA soccer big screen

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  1. Caravaggio followed by FIFA soccer wall- you are losing your sense of style, lad! Found any good wines in your travels?