Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 30

Day 30 Vienna -Wednesday 28th July

You never really know what you are going to get with these internet bookings. Tonight's is the rather attractively named "Urania Hotel" - alright, stop laughing!! Once again the room is huge but to our amazement, it is decked out in a medieval theme....better not upset debbie tonight!!! Axes, maces, skin floor rugs and furniture fit for a castle. And a lovely bay window in the corner of the building overlooking the street.

The day started off with bircher (Debbie's favourite) muesli in Innsbruck before the 41/2 hour train trip to Vienna. More fertile valleys and lots of rolling, green hills.
We are loving the challenge of arriving in a new city and negotiating the local subways, working out how on earth you purchase a ticket - especially when there is very little English on the signage.

Caught Debbie having a 'wurtle' for lunch in the dining car.
Had traditional Viennese fare for tea....schnitzel and strudel!! Yum.
Above are pictures from Vienna tonight - the State Opera building and the war memorial. Below are some shots as we left innsbruck - the gilded copper tiles and buildings in the old town.

Here you can see the gilded golden copper mosaics of the Goldenes Dachl built by Emperor Maximillion 1

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