Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 29

Day 29 - Innsbruck Tuesday 27th July

It's getting awfully cold!!!
After 'choofing' our way from Bolzano, we arrived in pretty Innsbruck at 1.00pm.
It took three cable car trips to get to Havelekar which is the peak of the mountain that looms over Innsbruck. The first cable car actually takes you underground before heading up the mountain. It was absolutely freezing up there and fairly cloudy, but we got some great views of the city and the mountainous surrounds.
You have to climb the last two hundred metres. The thin air had us panting in no time!

Walked through Innsbruck's old section of town
and saw the Goldenes Dachl with its gilded copper mosaics on the roof (see picture Day 30). It was built by Emperor Maximilian 1 and this part of the 'middle ages' city oozes opulence.

As you can see, the hotel room was huge - and only 60 Euros!

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  1. Your pics and blogs are amazing... keep having a fantastic time. Brad.