Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 24

Day 24 - "Cinque Terre" Thursday 22nd July

Happy 21st birthday James!!!! Hope the Sunbury party went well! It was great to talk to you this morning.

Well, we have another 'must see' for all of you future Europe travellers. Cinque Terre is amazing! And..'mama mia', the trek between the villages can be demanding at times!
It takes a few hours (including stops) to walk the 12 km track along the cliff tops that join the five coastal villages. Fortunately, four of the five villages have excellent swimming off the rocks and this was welcomed as the humidity and heat made us a tad sweaty. The climbs between the last two places were fairly long and steep.
Words can't describe the incredible vistas you get of the villages propped on top of the cliffs.
Great food, magnificent scenery, friendly people, wonderful swimming, pretty villages ... what else could you ask for??
This was a BIG day...left at 8.00am and returned at 10.00pm.

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