Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 23

Day 23 - Pisa to Genoa Wednesday 21st July

Out early this morning to visit the Museo del Bargello - more antiques and ancient artworks including some Donatello sculptures. The queue to get into Santa Maria del Flore was a mile long and we had a train to catch so we couldn't go in.
Off to Pisa for a two hour stop before moving on to Genova. Guess what we went to see?? Had an original inspiration to get a photo of me trying to push the tower up straight. By the time I turned around, everyone was doing it! Boy, the Leaning Tower really does lean but it is a magnificent structure - much more impressive than I imagined.

Genova turned out to be a rather lively and interesting city. Its streets are quite hilly and its port is magnificent. They spared no expense in 1990 in developing the port to celebrate the anniversaryof their favourite son, Christopher Columbus.
At the port you get:
*lots of live music (including Xavier Rudd) and performances
*a biosphere ( a big glass ball that appears to be floating in the harbour) which is an experiment in recreating an ecosystem with flora and fauna.
*a massive installation of white poles fanning out from the water. On one side it supports a huge camopy for the restaurant area and on the other side it supports a thing called a 'Bigo' which is a capsule that takes you to the heavens for magnificent views.
* a very impressive 'pirate ship' made by Roman Polanski for his move 'il pirate'.

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