Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 26

Day 26 - Venice Saturday 24th July

Didn't expect to see Nora Jones live tonight. She probably didn't expect to see us either! She was 'in concert' in San Marcos square. We saved the 50 Euros and watched and listened from about 200 metres away. The sound was perfect but Nora was a 'speck' on stage. She played some new songs and some golden oldies like "Sunrise'.

Spent the sunny moring exploring the narrow streets of Venice. Great shopping. Debbie was in her element, disappearing into jewellery shops looking for Venetian glass earings, necklaces etc. I was happier listening to the live music - violins, accordian, piano, clarinet and double bass. Checked out a couple of cakes too - apple and custard tart and an almond pastry!

After an afternoon siesta, we followed a line of people entering San Marcos basilica. Once inside we were trapped as it was actually a mass. I'm Mr Bean in church at the best of times and nearly slipped from my seat with boredom as I couldn't understand one thing the priest said! Luckily the choir was sensational and the gold leaf mosaics covering the ceilings were amazing. Very Byzantine!
Our stroll to Giardini was just in time for the sunset.

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