Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 31

Day 31 Vienna Thursday 29th July

Anyone recognise this ferris wheel -otherwise known as the Riesenrad? It was featured in Orson Welles' movie, The Third Man. I know you would have got this Jamo!!!
It was actually built in 1897 - no wonder it was creaking and groaning. The cabins are made of wood!! But we survived! Found out it had a demolition sticker on it in 1916!

Climbed the 343 steps up into the very gothic St Stephens spire. Phew!! The narrow stone stairwell (a bit like Bristol Hill tower) seemed to go on forever. It became comically congested when we tried to pass others who were coming down. Inside, the cathedral was striking with its gothic pillars and magnificent stained glass wondows.

I have always wanted to go inside a 'real' European oprea house and today we had a look at the Vienna State Opera house. We were taken through all of the rooms and halls. Backstage was massive with its hydraulic platforms and construction area.
The main theatre was awesome - see photo - with its gold leaf work, red carpet, drapes and the obligatory ostentatious chandelier. Placido Domingo once set a record here with an 80 min curtain call! I was tempted to get up on stage myself and belt out a few tunes - but Debbie had a strong grip!

  1. These opera costumes were designed by Picaso.

  2. After a late el fresco meal beside an outdoor cinema, we inadvertently got on a tram that went in exactly the opposite direction to where we needed to go. The pitcure shows the driver relaxing as he waits at the end of the line to take us back to where we started!

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  1. I think you are both very brave for trusting that ferris wheel. It looks slightly past it's used-by date