Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 15

Paros - Santorini Tuesday 13th July

Couldn't wait to go for a swim first thing (well...alright it was 10.00am). Crystal clear water. just the right temperature. Walked through the white maze of alleys in the old section of town - Debbie had no idea where she was leading us so it's just as well I am a walking, human GPS!
Back on a ferry - this time to Santoini where we plan to stay put for a few days.

A funny thing happened on the ferry. It went like this:
A rather rotund and sweaty young waiter places a cardboard container of Coke on the bar
A teenage girl turns and knocks the Coke all over the floor
"Ehh Ehh!! Signorina!!!" he complains, waving his arms.
He eventually saunters off and arrives back in a few minutes with a mop.
One 'mop' was not enough and there are now several bocks of ice across the floor.
In a bad mood, he returns to complete the job and decides NO-ONE is going to walk on his clean floor.
He blocks several people and when one bloke barges through, he makes a fence with his mop bewteen himself and the bar.
Some passengers curse as he makes them go right around the other side of the ship.

One mother with children has had enough and gives him a blast. "My daughter is only two years old!" she yells.
The stroppy waiter stands fast. "No no!" he insists
After a few more minutes the tension increases.
Pleased with himself that he has had some sort of victory he says, "OK," and lets them pass.

Santorini is a spectavcular sight as we approach the port. Huge cliff run as far as the eye can see in each direction. Brilliant white villages stand out like snow caps clinging to the cliff tops. I couldn't imagine a less appropriate place for a port! A mini-bus takes us zig-zagging up the precarious road.
Our hotel is across the road from a lovely beach with black sand.

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