Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 12

This is one of my favourite photos so far. These three brothers squished in opposite us, discussed who was sitting where and immediately assumed the 'dozing' position. How nice is that?

Athens to Greece - Sunday 11th July was a LONG night for Debbie! Not much sleep for her in the airseats I'm afraid. There were constant interruptions and lots of snoring choruses - got a feeling I might have added to this here and there. To top it off, at 4.30am the place lit up and announcements were blurted out in several languages that we had arrived in Igoumenitsa, our first Greek stop. Like a zombie, I fought my way through the frenzied mob and trudged around the deck to take some photos -they came out quite nicely!
Fortunately most of the passengers disembarked here so we could flop across the seats and get a solid few hour's sleep. Debbie is now constantly barking, "If we ever get a ##### ferry agin, we are getting there early to book a ##### cabin!!!"
"Fine!" I said. "Just leave it in my capable hands!!" .... no response!
At Patras, we exchanged the calm seas for 'free' Eurail bus and train travel to arrive at our Athens cheap hotel. Went for a good night walk to the Acropolis area - lots of activity and lively street restaurants.

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