Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 5

Day 5 Rome
-Saturday 3rd July

La Traviata - Opera

A bit of culture tonight - La Traviata at a basilica in central Roma. A wonderful musical experience in spite of our failure to recognise more than a couple of words!

This morning we had fun crossing the language barrier in a small street market where we bought some cheese, salami, rolls and salad for lunch. The budget has blown out a bit so we needed to eat cheaply.
This afternoon we took a cruise up the Tiber which provided a different perspective on Rome. It was hot, but the bridges were beautiful.


Napoli market

Cruise along the Tiber River.

La Traviata - I have to confess to some spine tingling moments as the big voices belted out big notes with a full chorus and the rousing timpanis. Those opratic conductors are a mystery to me though (this one looked like Woody Allan for a start) as their arm movements often seem to bear no resemblance to the muisc. As an ex -drummer,I find this disturbing. It's a bit like watching a foreign language SBS movie where the lips are out of sync with the words.

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  1. There are some great photos you have taken. No ice man yet.. I hope you find him!