Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 28

Day 28 - Bolzano Monday 26th July
Mission Accomplished!!

A special message for 7A .... well, like I promised, I've finally met up with Otzi (The Iceman). I found him and all his bits and pieces in the South Tyrol Museum Of Archaeology in Balzano (northern alps of Italy)Unfortunately I was not permitted to take photos inside the museum but here I am outside. I feel almost like he is an old friend as I have taught about him for many years.
Otzi is in a special atmosphere controlled chamber and you have to look at him through a window about the size of a big TV screen (I'll get a picture off the net).
He looks just like the photos we studied but he was not very tall. He looks pretty good for 5,000 years old though!
Apart from his clothing, he was carrying an amazing amount of things with his primitive wooden back-pack. Arrows, tools, daggers, tinder, food and nedicine (fungus). All of these are quite well preserved.

Three hours of train travel took us from the romantic waterways of Venice to the top of the world in Balzano. We stopped over in Verona (Romeo and Juliet country) and followed an endless valley rimmed with steep escarpments to the alps.
Took the cable car up to Oberbolzen. Wow!! The photos don't really do justice to the views. Would love to come back here and do some of the walking trails.

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