Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 11

Bari - ferry to Athens - Saturday 10th July
Visited the Bari castle (Castello Svevo) and ticked off most of the 'castle requirements' - moat, turrets, dungeon - Debbie had to be the damsel in distress! The castle had been restored beautifully to its former glory.

Booked our 'Superfast Ferry' tickets and sailed off to Greece at sunset. Guess what? - we were a bit late in booking and missed out on a cabin. Debbie was less than enthusiastic about the prospect of sitting up in 1st class 'airseats' all night. Anyway, we perched ourselves on the rear deck with some Greek wine and were thoroughly entertained as we watched over the intricate loading of 50 semi-trailers below.
Bari took on that classic Mediterranean hue as it shrank into the distance, bathed in the deep orange final offering of the sun. Bed time now - off to our 'free', 1st class, Eurail Global Pass, airseats!!! Can't wait.

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