Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 13

Athens - Sunday 11th July
Loving this hot weather....32 degrees again! So it's ice-cream, gelatis and, my favourite at the moment, Cafe Zero (frozen espresso - yum!) We ate these as we strolled through the Monastiraki markets. Debbie immediately found some jewllery (thanks for the phone advice Grace!) I bought a one Euro rubber splattable tomato - it's amazing. you throw it on the ground and it completely 'splats'. Then it slowly reforms its original shape!! James and Owen will be impressed - Elise won't!

The Acropolis lived up to its reputation! Wow! The Parthenon really is majestic as it towers over Athens. How on Earth did they get all those amssive marble chunks up there and then put up those huge columns?

In the heat of the afternoon, we decided to take a taxi most of the way up to the St Georgios church which is one of those bleached white Greek buildings delicately 'plopped' on top of Lycabettus Hill. And yes...we did have an iced coffee in the cafe at the top Mandy and Sutts!! We resisted the temptation to take the funicular cable car and walked all the way back down and back to our hotel.
To end the day, we sat with a small crowd in the street outside our hotel and watched the World Cup final until midnight. Balmy night, full glass of ouzo, Margharita pizza and soccer...feeling very relaxed thanks very much!

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  1. correct dad, I am very interested in this ball in which you speak of, I hope you dont lose it before you get back!