Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 42

Day 42 Stockholm -Monday 9th August

The island of Galma Stan with its old town narrow cobblestone streets and Royal Place took up most of the morning. I am pleased to say that the royal guards were a tad scary this time with their stony cold expressions and rather sharp bayonetes.
The Alfred Nobel Museum was fantastic and we got lost in here for a couple of hours (no photos!). He was a sad case really and his contribution to humanity will always be shrouded in controversy. The displays and movies were excellent.

In the afternoon we walked around Skepps-Holmen then took a ferry ride around the many islands. Apparently we saw Bjorn Borg's house and the waterfront house of one of the members of ABBA -didn't say which one!

The Stockholm Tivoli (fun park).

Not sure what happened to this boat.

....Enjoyed this 'Titanium Brass Quintet' in the old town.

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