Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 54

Day 54 Paris
-Saturday 21st August

Today was 'Louvre Day'. Make sure you see it one day - it's amazing. We couldn't believe we had spent 61/2 hours in there, but when our audio guide started slurring its words and finally ran out of juice, we knew it had been a while.

Yes, we did the Mona Lisa. That's her in the background (below). Her eyes really do follow you around and I'm of the opinion that she looks better with a goatie! Lots of famous paintings by Vermeer (we tracked down The Lacemaker), Rembrandt, David, Rubens...... The Coronation of Napoleon by David is massive and shows that paintings don't always tell the truth.

Venus de Milo strutted her stuff for us as well. Her curvaceous lines can still attract a crowd!
It's sort of strange that statues with chunks broken off probably evoke something more than if they were complete.
Very little queuing at the Louvre today and it was easy to get your front spot for the exhibits - even for the Mona Lisa!

The incredibly opulent Emperors' palace dining room and reception room.

Debbie with Vermeer's Lace Maker.

Got as close as you can get to the Mona Lisa.

The Victory Statue.

Went for a late walk to the real Monmatre. Tried to get into the Moulin Rouge but you have to book days ahead. Next time.....

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