Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 48 Part 2

Day 48 Part 2 strikes again!!

Back at the hotel....late afternoon.
Me: "Let's see if we can get to the top of that mountain over the river!"

Debbie: ...nothing.... flicks her head towards the ceiling.... rolls her eyes.. "Here we go again!"

Me: "Don't worry, I've got it all worked out."

Things started out brilliantly with a brisk walk over the bridge.........

We found a good track....

The railway line was a surprise for me.......

Debbie thinks I don't know where we are........

This is exactly as I imagined except for the missing track...

Just over the next rise..... and we will find something I'm sure....

Just as I had planned...the top at last...

Don't know what she was carrying on about...

..and even if, on the off chance, we did get lost, there is plenty of bush tucker.

My heart was racing just looking at this.


The thrill of the day was the toboggan ride. You see, after riding the chairlift to the top of the nearby mountain, you have the option of going down on the summer toboggan.
While Debbie took te chair, I was in the toboggan before she even queued up. With absolutely no training, you can tear down the mountain at breakneck speed armed only with a brake handle. I took off like the clappers, flying up the sides perpendicular to the world on the bends. There were a few warning signs from time to time but they were in Finnish so I just kept going.
Owen and James - you would love this. Elise,,,I think you would too provided you left the brake on all the way down. Mum and Dad ,...,, don't even think about it!!!
Debbie.....................the merry-go-round here has seat belts!!!!


  1. THe taboggan ride looks awesome!! You two are have such an adventure, thanks for sharing with us

  2. haha, mum, you should be practicing for your skydive!