Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 44

Day 44 Helsinki - Wednesday 11th August

Have decided to go into business - "" !!!
I treated Debbie to the adventure of her life this morning! Went looking for sights 4,6,&7 (see map). Took a randon tram ride for 20 offf...walked along a random dirt path through a random community type garden with red currents, veges and sun flowers....found 4, 6 & 7 - they turned out to be highway routes....walked down a random path..caught a very random bus for half an hour...the driver told us off for some reason but I couldn't understand him (it sounded like "hukatucka hukatacka") off the bus somewhere way up north of Helsinki.... found a random train station and finished up back in Helsinki. Debbie couldn't begin to tell me how much she loved this little excursion!!!

Strangely enough, before I could blink, Debbie had booked us on a ferry for an organised guided tour around the islands of Helsinki. I told her I could hire a row boat and show her the lesser known sights of Helsinki harbour myself. The guided tour was great. We were asked to imagine the vikings using these isalnds for rest and recreation over a thousand years ago. Some of these islands have elks and badgers! We saw the ice breakers that can break up sheets of ice 5 metres thick.
Had a bit of a snigger when they pointed out the beaches - just a few metres of dirty grey sand, not a ripple in sight and yet you had to swim between the flags!

Good ol' Finland...... feels like a second home really. My great grandfather, Victor Boeleus, was Finnish (well he was well and truly finish many years ago). Mum and dad wanted me to look up the name Boeleus to see if I can track down any relatives. I'll do that tonight.
Speaking of nights.... it's still twighlight at 11.15pm over here! Don't know whether I should be going to sleep, putting the cat out, having breakfast or leading another random tour!

By the way, that goreous shady lady holding up the lampost outside the cathedral in the top photo is Debbie.

Ice breakers below...

Random tours...???? "Explore the highway numbers signs..."

Above: A random station...??

Above: More food. Crunchy little white fish and veges.
Left: Trams!! Thought I hadn't left Melbourne for a moment....

What other ferry line could there be up here?


  1. Hi Deb and Tony
    Just spent some time reading your blog. What a fantastic journey you both are having, full of fun and adventure. Obvioulsy lots of walking and eating as well. The photos are great and your wonderful style of story telling Tony make for an very enjoyable read. Look forward to the future posts. Keep enjoying
    Glenda Oliver

  2. I'm looking forward to watching you teach map reading to 7A when you return.

    No doubt you assisted Debbie's emotional state with a glass of wine, although I'm told a beer is very expensive there.