Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Days 40 & 41

Days 40 & 41 Stockholm - Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th August

The higher prices in Scaninavia equals a slight dip in the quality of accommodation. The room here os tiny but has its own bathroom. To get to our room you need a cut lumch - long corridors, 7 left hand turns, 6 right hand turns, down 1 lot of stairs and up 2!

The 5 hour trip from Copenhagen to Stockholm was through undulating countryside and was dotted with attractive lakes. We are enjoying Stockholm, its vibrant, modern city and picturesque islands.

A real highlight was the Vasa - an elegant 1628 sailing ship that overbalanced in its maiden voyage. Apparently there wasn't enough ballast! It was to be the pride of the fleet and was beautifully adorned with ornate carvings etc. Over 40 lives were lost. The story of its refloating in 1960 is just as fascinating as its sinking. Its good condition was due to the brackish waters in the area. The whole ship was dried and treated to prevent any deterioration.

On Sunday afternoon we walked a few ks around Djourgaten which is a large 'eco' island that used to be used for hunting by the royal family. It is a leafy, green and peaceful contrast to the city!!

One of the corridors ....

Luxury rooftop and pool area?

Had to stay out at the airport (Arlanda) Saturday night - the city was booked out!

Another empty station!!!

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