Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 50 and 51

Day 50 Amsterdam - Wed 18th August
( I added more to the 'Swedish man with the glass eye' story -Day 49)
I was woken out of what sleep I did get at 4.30am by.... guess who? Yes the Swedish man with the glass eye and his wife had to get off at 5.00am.
I'm typing this at 10.00am and the train is hurtling along at some horrific speed. Might see if we can fly the next bit to Amsterdam! At Goteborg station we found out that air fares are VERY expensive so it was more train!!
The next train broke down. Changed trains to Malmo where we had to change AGAIN.
We were told to go to track 12 ....there was no track 12!! Eventually made it to Copenhagen late in the day.
Foolishly we booked another overnight train, this time to Amsterdam. (See Debbie pretending to be happy about it) Decided to pay more this time so we only had to share with one other couple. They turned out to be a lovely young Finnish couple who are trainee teachers. Pheww!!

Day 51 Amsterdam
Stats: two nights in a row on a train.... 52 hours of continuous train travel... no showers either. In the morning, the air was close, stale and foetid in the sleeping carriages. Couldn't wait to jump off at Amsterdam, hail the first taxi we saw and head for the hotel for a good shower and shave.

Spent the first day inAmsterdam exploring the wonderful city street and canals. each city certainly seems to have its own flavour. Crossing streets is a bit tricky, what with trillions of bikes on the paths, dinging trams and heavy traffic.
Don't get me started on the local pancakes - YUM!
Climbed yet another church tower for its magnificent views. This one had all of its original steep stairs (see Debbie who is hanging on tight. Had to get the fire brigade to lever her hands off the ladder), complex heavy timber structures and a range of bells.

Right: wind turbines in the sea on the way to Amsterdam.

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