Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 39

Day 39 Copenhagen - Friday 6th August

Have a look at this video of the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace.

Does it remind you of a Benny Hill Show perhaps?

Thought I might email the movie to Princess Mary with the message, "Is everything OK there at the palace?" How about the commander's skill at replacing the sword in its scabbard? At least he didn't stab himself in the groin!!

These guards weren't even the least bit scary! They were more like awkward, gangly, pimply faced Y10 kids. Their furry hats looked too big and seemed to wobble on their heads.

Just after we left, Mary came outside and announced to the world that she was having twins.

Visited Hans Christian Andersen's grave this afternoon. Ahhh ... brings back that Ugly Duckling story again!!!

The rest of today was taken up with another lengthy walk. The sights were:

Kings Garden
Round Tower
Yummy hot caramel almonds
Where the Little Mermaid Statue usually is (it's in China at the World Expo)
The castale
Some teenage pop star in the square

Told you Debbie would get a job as a guard!!


  1. Hey Tony,

    I used your blog to demonstrate taking a screen clipping for OneNote at yesterday's PD session. Everyone was really interested ... in your blog, not my presentation.


  2. It's me again. Sam Rothman has set up a blog to record their trip to Canada:

    You'll have to write a comment.


  3. Heyy Mr Macer,

    I hope u and Mrs Macer are having a great time. We all miss u and can't wait untill u come back :)