Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 45

Day 45 Helsinki
- Thursday 12th August

10.30pm last night and the sky is still in twighlight mode for our night walk. There was a bit of excitement when we returned. Three police cars and two ambulances came racing through the city and stopped right across the road from our hotel. They all rushed into the apartment bock (behind Debbie in the picture). Not sure what was going on but it must have been pretty serious.

Most of the morning was taken up finding the laundromat! While the washing was on, we found our way to the 1952 Olympic Stadium. We were a bit daring ..... I saw a man enter the security gate and noticed it hadn't quite snibbed shut - a trick I learnt from our dog Jazz.. When the coast was clear we slipped into the stadium, being careful not to snib the gate so that we wouldn't be locked in for the night. The plan worked brilliantly. Got a few photos, had a good look and escaped before anyone noticed us. YES!!!!

Had a toast to Helsinki before heading off in the morning.

The old stadium looks a bit tired - but then again it is four years older than me.

Debbie contemplating the next random tour (above) and tucking into a magnificent chicken and salad crepe (right)

Call this a beach?

The Cable Factory - now a cultural centre.

Flowers with attitude!!

Off to the laundromat.
No luck with the family name. Couldn't even find one in the phone book. I'll check the spelling when we get back.

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