Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 59

Day 59 Interlaken
Thursday 26th August

"Clickety walkers" have taken over Switzerland. If you stop anywhwere and listen carefully, you will hear "Click...clickety .... click.." I don't get it!! They have to use those noisy aluminium poles on perfectly fine roads, sometimes even on flat smooth footpaths! The Swiss must be particularly awkward people. Take away the sticks and the entire Swiss population would be scraping around helplessly on their tummies.

Today we found a new way of wiping yourself out. In the mountains behind Gridelwald, you can catch a cable car up and tear all the way down on trotterbikes (scooters). Debbie's dare-devil instincts came out here and she even took her hand off the brake once or twice! She certainly gave the 'clickety walkers' a hell of a fright!

Debbie enjoying a mountain top lunch.

Grindewald village.

Yes, the cows really do have cow bells.

We attempted to walk to this glacier filled gorge.

Debbie made me take this movie.
Trotterbike Hellrider demonstration.

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