Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 70

London still - things I forgot..

Trivial Pursuit question: what is the longest running continuous play in the world?

Answer: Mousetrap. 58 years non stop.
We couldn't come to London without going to see Mousetrap!!! Had another victory here as we bought the cheapest tickets possible (right up the back) and, being a Monday night which is a quiet night, we were allowed to fill up the seats down the front (3rd row). Yes!!
The play was great. A typical Agatha Christie murder mystery. During the curtain calls for each of the perfromances over the past 58 years, the audience is sworn to secrecy and so sadly I cannot divulge the murderer.
Unfortunatley the man in front of us seemed to have a sneezing problem- really 'splattery' sneezes. He continued throughout the entire play and appeared to choose all the crtical and quiet moments to 'splat' everwhere.

Our Paddington hotel.
Leicester Square.
The Marble Arch

Below: two movie clips from the Women's Adidas fun run in Hyde Park.

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  1. Hey Tony

    Runners indeed! You were just haveing a perv on the woman in white's sensous dancing moves.

    When do you hit Wales?