Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 71

Day 71 Sid and Rita
Tuesday 7th September London (Ealing)

Sid and Rita have been long time friends of Anne and Geoff's (Debbie's mum and dad). Rita actually went to school with Anne. Sid and Rita have always been spoken about fondly in the Nott household and it was our pleasure to meet them at last. It felt like we had known them all our lives. Sid was a documentary producer and Rita was a teacher/artist. They took us out for a lovely dinner.
Rita reminded us so much of Anne and it is not surprising that they 'clicked' as kids.

Outside Sid and Rita's house in Ealing.

Going to Sid and Rita's was our chance to finally ride in a London cab. We got more than we bargained on however .... the driver was a West Indian lady who loved to talk through the rear vision mirror while driving!! She was Whoopi Goldberg with coke bottle glasses. We thumped over the curb three times when she turned left. From the back floor I could hear her apologising profusely each time!

My cunning is slipping. Earlier in the day we came around a corner and happened on Harrods - if there was one place I wanted to side step, it was this place!!!! Debbie's eyes were like dinner plates!!! While Debbie instantly got herself knee deep in cosmetics (oh no$$$) I wandered off, only to find a rather macabre in-store monument to Di and Dodi. There is a glass pyramid with the lipstick smudged sherry glass Di had her last drink from in that restaurant with the awnings we saw in Paris.

A royal squirrel (above - not right)

Speakers Corner - thought I'd give it a burl and gave them 'what for' over that terrible Di and Dodi monument. "Fair cop! That would never happen back home laddie!" I said.
No-one listened of course- even Debbie was gone.

...found her outside Buckingham Palace! That look tells me she doesn't want me make a Hyde Park speech EVER AGAIN! edition.... some action at last on the haircut front in a traditional barber shop with the candy poles out the front and the man with the large curly moustache who sings 'ol sole mio"...

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