Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 72

Day 72 Oxford
Wdnesday 8th September

More wobbly buildings!!! I'm probably developing some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder because I am completely distracted all this wobbliness. Just look at them.... It's enough to make you throw up your Devonshire Teas when you are inside!! These wobbly shops are in Burford.
We have hired our car (got an upgrade to a Volvo Wagon no less) and are heading west towards Wales to track down Debbie's family history.
Made it to Oxford where we walked around the ancient buidings and the university campus.

Booked into B&B - a bit like staying in some wealthy aunt's place in Toorak. Felt like we had to be in by 9.00pm and ask permission to watch the telly. Ian and Leslie (the owners) bent over backwards to make us welcome though.

The Oxford Castle ....yes we have seen a few of these now. Medieval folk mustn't have had much to do way back then.

Debbie is excited to finally get a front seat on the top deck of the bus! She fell on the floor every time we turned right.

Oxforn Uni - what must it feel like to be a student here?

Had to dodge Harry Potter and his mates playing quidditch on their broomsticks.

We only got a tad lost on our walk from the B&B to Oxford.

Around Burford.

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