Sunday, September 12, 2010

Days 69

Day 69 London
Sunday 5th September

Ahh.....the West End!!! Like Broadway in New York, where there is live theatre around every corner, you can get cheap tickets to great shows. Our first show was Jersey Boys - I've gotta say I enjoyed this as much as any musical I have seen.
Above: it's Father's Day so Debbie bought me the CD.

Since the show I have been embarrassing Debbie
in the streets by singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" aloud in fasletto - just like Frankie Valli.

Father's Day called for a (another) celebratory dinner at a classy and very English, English pub. As you can see, we enjoyed our bottle of red - labelled "Pig In A Poke" no less.
"Ello ello ello. What's all this then?"

Unfortunately there was no spotted dick for desert.

Woke up under this lion beneath Trafalgar's Column. Needless to say, he gave me quite a start.

Time for the tourist sights!!

The Globe.

Believe it or not (Ripleys).... this is a life sized statue of the tallest man in the world. Debbie was still a bit disoriented from the previous night's red and was asking him which room breakfast was in.

Picadilly Circus with its Eros statue, neon signs and Debbie.

Hyde Park.

Happened to be there for the Women's Adidas charity 5km run so there was calypso music galore!

There was a veritable avalanche of women running through the park. Who was looking after the kids, preparing the dinner and ironing the clothes? This could bring London to its knees!!

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  1. calypso music and fun runs go hand in hand really lol