Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 67 - 68

Days 67 -68 Pernes
Saturday 4th September

Well, it's farewell to sunny Pernes, Avignon, the Provence district and Aud's bikinis! Where did that week go?
It was a tough life for the four of us and we will have a few stories to tell when we come home. We laughed (ask Greg about the French comedy on TV and ask Rhonda about Greg's ear lobe gristle), we cried (ask Debbie about the above mentioned French comedy), we ate (ask Rhonda about the green apricot ice cream) and we conquered (ask the lady in the museum who told us off for storming into her precious 2000 year old antiques dripping our ice creams all over the place)

Jamo looks suitably at home with the three wheeled pizza delivery truck.

Debbie's had too much red again.

The four of us tried a 'macer-type' ramdom tour on the last day and came up with some 'gems' - like this 'spooky' bicycle museum in the dungeaons.

I finally convinced Greg to take us up to Mount Ventoux. Senstational views and very expensive jubes (see the colourful stand above). Bought a few handfuls for 17 Euro (that's about $24)!!!
I won't forget the distinctive Provence landscapes and the way the pale stone villages seem to emerge naturally from the olive green vegetation. It has a relaxed rural atmoshere all of its own.

Thanks Jamo and Rhonda for a fantastic week!

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