Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 76 cont...

Day 76 continued.... Cardiff, Wales
At the risk of beating my own trumpet, or blowing my own drum, here I am holding up another cup for Aussie rugby in the Cardiff Millenium Stadium. The Aussies were short a player so I happily filled in! ....alright, this is the 2008 cup that Wales won against Australia.
Another press conference. Couldn't understand ANY of the questions. Bloody Welsh accents!

Debbie running out through the tunnel to glory.

The Cardiff Castle is one of the better ones. Very impressive but a bit like a loose woman. Originally built by the Romans (strangely enough) it has been used and abused by all and sundry!! It's been a Roman garrison, a Norman stronghold and a gothic Victorian fantasy dwelling. Almost everyone had had their way with it.

I won't even mention what this hole was for!

Debbie showing her style at 10 pin bowling in Cardiff.
Elise, Owen and James - you will be pleased to know that after mum's drubbing of us at Warrnambool, I have restored things to their proper order. Scoreline:
Tony 3 games : Debbie 0 games. Yes!!!

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