Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 63

Day 63 Provence -Vaison la Romaine
Monday 30th August

Right: Roman theatre at its best! Tony playing the part of Jamo in the hilarious French 'carry on' comedy, "Carry On Up The Fontaine'".

The roman ruins at Vaison were impressive. Like Pompei they remind us that, in some ways, we haven't come all that far with technology and comfort over two thousand years.

Above: mmmm... Jamo, Rhonda and Debbie seem to be lost in the ancient alleys again!

Right: View from from the castle overlooking Vaison.

Above: I'll never forget this famous Vaison bridge .. what's its name again??

Like in Pompei, the Romans invested a great deal in the performing arts.

Left: Ahhh.. the ruins! This was an old kitchen or something.

Left: There's nothing like a bunch of Aussies, in a French rural town, tucking into Chinese food and singing bawdy Swans and Saints club songs.

Debbie appears to have joined another table.

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