Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 62

Day 62 Provence
Sunday 29th August

Ahhh.. breakfast by the babbling brook!! Well... can you believe this restaurant only had one croissant left!!! So it was off to the local bakery. Suited me because they had cakes and pastries like you wouldn't believe!
This is going to be a pleasant break from the big cities.

Tough life this!!

Castle on the hill near the Fountain of Vaulcluse

Greg and Rhonda lost in the Vaulcluse alley ways again.

The old Vaulcluse papier machet factory.

Right:Prentending to be French with thier black t-shirts and sunnies

Above:Ooops..It's only midday and Debbie has had one too many again! And Greg's falling off his chair, prentending to be a Frenchman!! This is almost an international incident!

I had never heard of the Fontaine De Vaulcluse but smarty pants Jamo knew all about it. It's a mysterious deep water hole. Jaques Cousteaux once lost his probe (pardon the expression) trying to reach the bottom. Jamo said the water rose and fell metres, apparently inexplicably. A complete mystery. Found out that the cause was lots of rain. Sorry Jamo - another of life's mysteries struck off your list.

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