Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 74

Day 74 Aberystwyth, Wales
Friday 10th September

Hot on the trail!! Here is where our search for the Amos family began. Debbie's great grandmother was Doris Amos and she lived her final years with Debbie's family in Ballarat. Debbie can remember her talking one night about how her father (William Frederick Amos) had an inn in Wales. Doris recalled that she used to hide on the stairs late at night, listening to the men around the pub fireplace telling stories about the smuggling that was rampant along the coast. The other information we had was:
Geoff (Debbie's dad) thought the inn was called "The White hart".
Mandy (Debbie's sister) thought it was called the "The Old Swan".

We found the Aberystwyth Archives office and, although the lady energetically flicked through all of the records, nothing turned up. When she went online we found a reference to an Albert Amos who owned The Globe Inn in Llantwit major. (I'm not going to make any joke whatsoever about the word twit popping up in Debbie's heritage. I think I successfully stifled my involuntary spasms in the office)

This discovery led us to a copy of the original record of Frederick Amos (Albert's brother) and his family from the census of 1911. Doris' name was there. Bingo!

Tne only snag was that Llantwit Major was way down in the south of Wales. So that's where we needed to head next.

Around Aberystwith

Aberystwith Castle ruins.

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