Thursday, September 9, 2010

Days 64 - 67 Highlights

St Remy
People often ask me how I manage to impersonate famous people so convincingly. Method acting is a speciality of mine. Debbie was having trouble working out which one was the real Vincent Van Gogh. I don't think anyone else noticed, but I think she called me Vinny a couple of times later in the day. I love the way threads start to develop in trips like this. A few weeks ago we were soaking up the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. We read about the final chapter in his life when he admitted himself to the sanitarium near St Remy. In between psychotic episodes, his work output was prolific in the last year of his life. Here we are today, walking the very olive groves and sanitariom gardens that are featured in many of his famous paintings.

We could go in the room that Vincent Van Gogh lived in at the sanitarium. You can read Jamo's description of some of the awful treatments that were dished out to the unsuspecting patients.

There are still some sunflowers left! I did a few sketches myself but gave them to some Japanese tourits.

Elise - we got you a little something from this Madagascan lady at the St Remy market.

Just look at that cheese!! - made with love, pride and spoken about with passion!! He's cutting us a piece here. And what about the sausages eh - made with... well meat and stuff. Forgot to take a photograph of the nougat maker - he loved his nougat so much I would have needed a wide angled lens to fit him in the shot.
I really want to go the Mount Ventoux. At breaky every morning I ask, "Can we go to Mount Ventoux today? Can we go to Mounr Ventoux today?"

Nothing like a nice place to sit down, relax and eat your baguettes for lunch .......... and this was nothing like a good place to eat your baguettes for lunch!!
Yes, here we are (please ignore Jamo's attention getting antics!!) eating lunch on the roundabout. We noticed Europe has a slight deficit in the park bench department.

Market day. This man made us what was possibly the best Eritrean cappucino for the trip.
Gordes, once occupied by the Romans, is a quaint hilltop village, and yes, it has a castle!

The chapel has survived earthquakes and a lifetime of neglect and has maintained its honest beauty.

Jamo negotiated the hairpin bends withgreat skill.

Can't we go to Mount Ventoux yet?

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