Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 79

Day 79 Southampton.....Winchester.......Stonehenge
Friday 17th September
No prizes for guessing where we went today....good ol' Stonehenge. One of history's greatest mysteries - how did they get these huge rocks here 5000 years ago, especially the ones from Wales?? How did they stand them up and lift the hanging stones to the top? And what does it all mean? It seems like everyone has had a crack at coming up with a theory. Originally people thought the stones were put there by giants! Others think Stonehenge came from outer space. A more popular theory is that the stones were dragged there, on wooden rollers perhaps?

I think it was designed by the same people who designed MEC! Either way, Stonehenge is an impressive sight as you drive over the hill. Debbie didn't want me to put this photo in. I reckon she looks like Liza Minnelli and I look like....ummm...I'll think of it in a minute

Below: The mounds behind Stonehenge are called barrows - ancient cemeteries.

Here are two more shots of Mary and Michael's house. Nice!

Spent the afternoon in Winchester, a lovely old city with, of course, a magnificent cathedral.
Winchester Catherdral's OK I just kept bringing me down though. It just stood and watched as, Debbie and I left town.

Lunch in an upstairs bay window in Winchester.

The Hanging Chapel in Winchester.
Ahh was Robert Redford I thinking of earlier!!!!

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