Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 73

Day 73 Trip to Aberystwyth
Thursday 9th September

Stop press!!!! It happened today. Finally -after 10 weeks- I found the traditional Italian barbershop with the red and white candy poles, the sticker of a fat barber with a big handle bar moustache on the window etc in, believe it or not, far west England!! Who ever thought I would find this in Tewkesbury.
I sauntered, in expecting to hear him singing 'Ol sole mio' and saying 'What's a matter fora yooo?' Unfortunately he turned out to be a rather attractive young female. I nearly asked her if she would mind if I stuck a black cardboard moustache on her upper lip and if she could, perhaps hum a few bars. Had to settle for just a friendly chat and a haircut. People certainly love to talk to Aussies over here.

This barber shop had one draw back - wobbly!
I dared not sneeze!

Above: Wobbly!

Narrow hedged roads.

Elan Valley - national park.

Tewkesbury Abbey.

Downtowm Tewkesbury

Cambrian Mountains.

Lunch in the Tram Inn at Eardisley.

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