Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 77 and 78 Mon 13

Days 77 & 78 Plymouth, England
14th and 15th September

Mary and Michael treated us to a magnificent stay in Plymouth. Not only did they put us up for a couple of nights, they also took us on a fascinating tour (in their flash Jag) of the inland moors and the south coast of England.
Michael and Mary have been successful business people over the years, including owning and running hotels and owning a tile business. They took us to the clifftop Port Hotel, where they recalled the many years of hard work and amazing experiences. The picture above says it all as they proudly look back on their former life there.

The moors of Dartmouth.

Above: View from their beautiful garden.

Tour of Britain... bike race. We got stuck here as the traffic just stopped. There must have been at least 25 police motorcycle escorts - but no-one was on the roads controlling the traffic!

Narrow roads again! This woman did the wonkiest reversing I have seen for a good while.

Mary, me and Michael.

Photos taken around Dartmouth.

Wild ponies on the Dartmouth
moors. The rolling hills of the moors were lush green with a patchwork of brown ferns.

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  1. You 2 never cease to amaze me with what you are managing to do and see in your travels.